Understanding the Window Signwriting Process

Window signwriting is a must-have form of branding for retail businesses. Displayed on shop fronts, interior windows or dividers and on vehicles. Here at Positive Signs + Print, window signwriting is one of the specialist services we provide to businesses in and around the Dunedin and Mosgiel area. Today we’re happy to share with you our window signwriting process.
At Positive Signs, we offer several different signwriting options for our clients:
  1. Digitally printed vinyl: Full-colour graphics printed on vinyl - as seen in the photo above. Use sparingly as the vinyl print can block out light/view through the glass.
  2. Cut coloured vinyl graphics: Decals are durable & economical, perfect for text, simple logos and designs, and opening hours. See the photo below for an example
  3. Window Frosting: We can print images or your logo onto the frosting or cut your logo out of the solid see-through, creating hollow see-through sections. These are used as a screen to create privacy or to reduce direct sunlight.
  4. All of the above! Some incredible designs can be produced with a mix of different materials.

What is Window Signwriting?

Signwriting on your store frontage is a highly effective form of advertising. Window signwriting is used for a number of purposes:
  • Branding - helping customers find your premises easily,
  • Promotional - a temporary eyecatching display to draw shoppers in
  • Practical - supplying a privacy screen and contributing to aesthetics
  • Informative - stating open hours, brands stocked, services offered etc
We believe a combination of the above is the most effective use of the window 'real estate'. People get used to seeing the 'same old same old', so pairing your branding with a seasonal promotion is a good way of attracting attention.
Big or small, single colour or photo graphics, sign-written windows can completely cover a window or simply consist of your logo. It’s up to you. We’re always happy to chat about what we do and help you to make the right choice for your business.

Positive Sign's Window Signwriting Process

When a client requests our signwriting services, here's what our team needs to do…
  1. Site visit and discussion – we’ll come to your site and take photos of the area you want sign-written. We talk about what you want to achieve and your requirements, while offering suggestions if required. We will take photographs and measurements of the area.
  2. Design process – back in the office, we bring your store frontage to life, using all of the information we’ve learnt about you and your business. We create a digital proof of what your sign will look like and send it to you for review.
  3. Signage manufacturing and installation – we now create your business’ signage inhouse. Once ready, we arrange with you a time for us to install it on site. We’ll let you know how to care for it, including cleaning if required.
If you’re thinking about having window signwriting installed at your business, let’s chat. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your business get noticed.