What is “Screen Printing”

Screen Printing is achieved by forcing ink through a fine mesh screen with a squeegee onto the product and is ideal for branding flat objects.

Screen printing offers affordable single and multi-colour artwork across large branding areas, making it an appealing option for branding on a budget.

Advantages of Screen Printing

  • Large print areas are possible on flat products.
  • Close PMS colour matches are possible on white or light-coloured products.
  • Most screen print inks dry quickly and can be shipped immediately after printing.
  • Fluorescent, metallic gold and silver inks are available on select textile products.
  • Many products can print with tight multi-colour registration, with some products able to be printed using up to five colours.

Limitations of Screen Printing

  • Close colour matches are more difficult on darker products and will only be approximate. In some instances, a white base will create a better print.
  • Unable to print variable data.
  • Each colour requires its own setup charge, so multicoloured screen prints can get expensive.

Screen Print Artwork Requirements

We will set up the artwork for you and supply an electronic draft to help you visualise what the end result will look like. There are some restrictions we have to take into consideration when setting up your file:

  • Artwork must be supplied in editable vector format.
  • Fonts are converted to outlines/objects to avoid font conflicts.

Examples of products we can screen print

Below are some of the products that we can screen print for you. The featured image may not be of a screen printed product (that’s because many of our items can be branded in different ways).

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