What is “Debossing”

Commonly referred to as ‘Blind’ debossing, a heated custom metal plate is pressed firmly onto the product leaving an impression of the artwork. Thermo debossing is also available on certain products, using additional heat to create a unique and eye-catching two-tone finish.

Advantages of Debossing

  • Higher perceived value than other forms of branding.
  • The branding becomes part of the product and is permanent.
  • The product can be shipped as soon as heat pressing is finished.
  • Certain products can produce a two-tone finish.

Limitations of Debossing

  • Unable to print variable data such as individual naming.

Debossing Artwork Requirements

We will set up the artwork for you and supply an electronic draft to help you visualise what the end result will look like. There are some restrictions we have to take into consideration when setting up your file:

  • The artwork must be supplied in vector format.
  • Fonts are advised to be converted to outlines/objects to avoid font conflicts.

Examples of products we can blind deboss

Below are some of the products that we can deboss for you. The featured image may not be of an debossed product (that's because many of our items can be branded in different ways).

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