Choosing Business Signage for Your Brand

Business signage helps to bring in new business, make an area more inviting to visitors, educate customers and increase brand awareness. A cost-effective form of advertising, signage can be mobile or static, and is an integral part of developing that all important first impression.

At Positive Signs + Print, we help brands throughout New Zealand with both the design and production of a wide range of signs. Below we’ll discuss five options, plus the key considerations when selecting your business signage.

Key Considerations When Choosing Business Signage

When selecting signage types for your business, it is helpful to first consider:

  • Location – will the signs be used indoors or outdoors? Does it need to be waterproof?
  • Attachment – how will the sign be attached to where it is hung? Or does it need to be freestanding? Will it be permanently attached, or does it need to be portable?
  • Size – what size is the area you have available for signage? How noticeable do you want the sign to be?
  • Function – for what purpose(s) do you need the sign? How often will it be used? What does the sign need to display?
  • Materials – do you have a preference for the type of material your sign will be made with?

Once you’ve thought about these points, you’ll likely to know exactly the type of sign you will require. Is it one of these popular options?

5 Popular Types of Business Signage

We’ve worked with many wonderful NZ businesses to help them achieve their signage goals. Five of the most popular signage types we have sold are:

  1. Building signage – this is signage that goes outside of the building, either physically attached to it or positioned nearby. Examples of building signage include hanging veranda signs, window signage and ACM signs.
  2. Flags – a great portable option, flags work well for both businesses who attend markets, as well as static businesses wanting to attract attention and show they are open.
  3. Footpath signs – ideal for placing outside your store or office, a footpath sign helps customers find your business.
  4. Panels – perfect for installing within an office reception area, or outside the entrance to a construction site, there are many different types of panel type signs to pick from. ACM, Corten steel and round acrylic signs are just three of the types we sell.
  5. Decals – easily applied, decals can be placed upon walls, doors and windows. If you are wanting to remove it in the future, ask us about material options before we make your decal so we can make this easier for you.

We’re more than happy to help work with you to identify the right type of signage for your business. We can even help with the design work for your sign too! Let's get started - get in touch.