Branding Solutions

Learn about the advantages and limitations of each branding option we offer:

What is an “Imitation Etch”

Imitation etch is a special pad printing ink used for producing an etch-like effect on glass products. Advantages of imitation etching Limitations of imitation etched printing Artwork Requirements for imitation etching products Examples of products that can be imitation-etched Below are some of the products that can have a imitation

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What is a “Resin Coated Finish”

This CMYK branding process is produced by printing artwork onto a vinyl material with strong adhesive on the reverse. The branded area is then coated with a crystal-clear resin. Once dry, the finished decal is applied to the product and the adhesive forms a permanent bond. Advantages of a resin-coated

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What is “Pad Printing”

Pad printing uses a silicone pad to transfer an image to a product from a laser etched printing plate. It is one of the most popular and affordable ways of branding promotional products due to its ability to reproduce images on uneven or curved products and print multiple colours in

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What is “Dye Sublimation Printing”

Dye sublimation print is used for branding products that have a special coating on them, or fabrics suitable for the sublimation process. A transfer is produced by printing sublimation ink onto transfer paper and then heat pressing it onto the product. Advantages of Sublimation Prints Limitations of Sublimation Printing Artwork

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What is “Colourflex Transfer”

Colourflex is a type of transfer/sticker which use a CMYK+W digital print process. It is used for branding apparel and fabrics. Colourflex Transfers offer detailed, full colour branding that wears as well as it looks. Flexible and machine washable, these transfers stand the test of time. Advantages of Colourflex Transfer

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What is “Embroidery”

Embroidery is an excellent way of branding bags, apparel, and other textile products. It offers higher perceived value and a depth of branding quality which other processes cannot match. Embroidery uses rayon thread which is stitched into the product and has a slightly raised effect. Our embroidery service creates dimensional,

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