Your vinyl decal/sticker will look its best if it’s put on correctly. As well as saving the pain of bubbles, you’ll ensure that your sticker, well, sticks!

We’ve recorded a quick video walking you through the steps here:


Clean the area thoroughly. We use diluted IPA – isopropyl alcohol. You can use soap and water, just let the area dry thoroughly. Do not use a glass cleaner because it leaves a residue behind.


Line up where you want your decal to go, using masking tape to secure the decal into position. Once it is in position, move all the tape to one side of the decal, so you’ve got a free edge. This is the side you will be putting down first.


On the loose side of your decal, peel the transfer tape (with decal attached) away from the backing paper. Cut the backing paper through the centre.

Rub a squeegee (or bank card card!) firmly across the sticker through the clear transfer tape to prepare it for application. This ensures the sticker will cling to the transfer tape and removes any air bubbles that may have formed.


Slowly lower the decal onto the surface and rub from the centre outwards firmly with a squeegee or credit card.

Remove the tape from the remaining loose side, and repeat.


Slowly peel the clear transfer tape off at an angle.

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